S & C Pool Service and Repairs
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Anyone that will give you a rate for service without first seeing your Pool  is not working in your best interest. There are many variables such as the condition of plumbing, filters as well as the layout of your yard, trees, bather load, pets, etc., that make flat rate quotes “bad business for both of us".

That is why I will be happy to provide a FREE on-site ESTIMATE!




CHEMICAL* :  Take readings and provide chemicals to : Maintain proper Chlorine levels, balance PH levels and balance total Alkalinity level.


CHEMICAL PLUS :  Chemical service described above PLUS:   Skimmer basket emptied as needed,  Pool-Sweep bag emptied as needed,  Pump basket strainer /filter emptied as needed,   Most equipment turned on and tested  

OPTION:  Brush stairs/Swimout    


CHEMICAL PLUS SKIMMING SURFACE ** :  All Service described above  PLUS: Skimming of  pool surface , brushing steps & swimouts


                    We Recommended Phosphate Remover: 1- 2 Times per Year:      


                  All Services can be Customized to YOUR Satisfaction!


ALL  SERVICES  INCLUDE:  Dependable ,friendly , competent service.  Maintenance/Safety  recommendations noted and relayed to customer.  Written notice left for repair needs or “Low –Water” warning.


* Additional  Chemicals may be needed or recommended at an additional cost. Conditioner-Stabilizer  or Salt  NOT INCLUDED.  Algaecide or Phosphate Remover  if needed NOT   INCLUDED.    ** A competent PoolSweep is required. Prices quoted are for specific services noted. All other services, repairs or Filter cleaning  would be at an additional cost.  All services billed monthly , Most services provided 48  weeks per year.  Minimum $10 late fee charged for accounts not paid in full  within 30 days!   Customer responsible for maintaining proper water-level.  ALL SERVICE/REPAIRS OVER $200 ARE DUE AND PAYABLE UPON COMPLETION.